Love Charms

by In Gowan Ring



released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


In Gowan Ring Germany

Rooted in poetic-folk traditions and veneration for the natural world, the Symbolist Folk Music of In Gowan Ring channels stories of stones and angels through homemade instruments and human voice.

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Track Name: Listen to Colours
Rags hang loose
We move them slowly
Dig under and under
Listen to what I’ve found
Listen, just a note
Leaves over and over them
I put on my colours
Then dressed and followed
Listen to colours fall fumble
Beautiful, so beautiful
Drift four feet and drift four hands
On reaches flailing
Track Name: Spindle Tree
If I were to sink
And live in the water ever on
Whether I drown
Or never return from a fit of laughter
I will always be somewhere
But never belong to you
I will never be somewhere I don’t want to be
I would never be anywhere
I haven’t chosen to be at

And if I were to run away
And if you could never touch me again
If I were so distant and never spoke another word
I would be dreaming of now
In a different way then
I would be dreaming of then
In a different way than I am now
Track Name: A Swan Song
Dark swan, I’ll open you
I’ll fill you, I’ll colour you
I’ll cover you, I’ll smother you
Pull you all outside of you
Dark swan sinking
Dark swan singing

I’ll sprinkle you, a spark of you
Sing in you, I’ll speak through you
Dance about, I’ll thrill you
Open up all over you
Dark swan singing
Dark swan sinking
Track Name: Dandelion Wine
And then in the springtime
Remember our stashed away
Bottles of dandelion wine
A day in the orchard
Lost from everything
Found lost hours

We picked Strawberries
Ate even the green parts
Lost in an orchard
We spoke flowering rhymes
Climbed trees, eating apples
Soon we were lost, gone
We brought out bottles in a basket
From flowers collected from the day before

Soon we were lost
Lost all our chains of flowers
And gathers of branches
We spoke in whispers and shouts and giggles
And even our clothes were gone

And then in the springtime
Remember our stashed away
Bottles of dandelion wine
Track Name: Within Rings
Twist my rings once
Twist my rings twice
And then talk to me
Before I slip off into little dream world
Were they your tears left by my window
I wondered all day
And now I see all my thoughts
Turning to dream beginnings
Of something I’ve never seen
Like some jilted lover’s tear dream world

Twist my rings once
Twist my rings twice
Twist my rings three times
Twist my rings four times
Twist my rings five times
Twist my rings six times
Twist my rings seven times…
Track Name: Of Water Wiverings
Just as the stars shine
Skies open up for a while
A reach and I feel
Like a felt touch
Veils over and fingers grow
Seem endless

Wide eyes of childly remembers
Grow ever to and ever flowing
Time was forever
Time wasn’t ever
Time would never come

This day is for much more than a day
This day would never end
Water’s restive resonance
Sings of another place

Wide eyes of fishes chase fishes
They never end at all
Day was forever
Day wasn’t ever
Day would never end