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A Series of memorandums and musick dispatched on or around the full moon with options for digital only, year-end collation, and monthly postmark mail.

Join In Gowan Ring for liminal moments embrued in lunar observance through Story and Song!

Herein may be found the latest of convoluted ramblings, blissful obfuscations, accidental aphorisms, and sporadically profitable epiphanies engaged in by B’ee to further the projection of the Universum In Gowan Ring.

These personable letters—not generally intended for public perusal—accompany a monthly musick piece to unveil the evolving process percolating in the momentary cauldron: Optic likenesses, ontological operations and potentially insightful palaver come to you directly from B’ee each month in episodes spanning the absurd and the sublime.

Moonlit Missive subscribers have access to all of the Moonlit Missives archive, and most of the In Gowan Ring back catalog.

"By subscribing to Moonlit Missives you're engaging in direct association with In Gowan Ring -- an affiliation which hastens the production of future creations and offers a real material assistance for me to keep things going. Thank you patrons, I can't do it without you!" - B'ee

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